Nothing can turn into a void

Nothing can turn into a void – An Art Apart: People Like Us

Sweden, 2015, 58 mins. Camera: Mikael Prey & Carl Abrahamsson. Edited by Henrik Møll & Vicki Bennett. Sound mix by Andrew McKenzie. Music by People Like Us. Produced by Jakob Abrahamsson. Written, narrated and directed by Carl Abrahamsson.

The second film in the AN ART APART series is called Nothing Can Turn Into A Void and focuses on the British artist Vicki Bennett and her project People Like Us. Her work takes you on a journey into a world where literally anything can happen. Using her skills as an editor and a great sense of humor, she lets you roam through a world of imagination filled with contrasts and chance encounters between the past and the present. In performances, video work, music and collages, Bennett conveys that nothing is really what it seems.


Nothing can turn into a void – An Art Apart: People Like Us (trailer) from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.

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