My Silent Lips. Sweden, 2019, 83 mins. Written, produced and directed by Carl Abrahamsson. Camera: Fredrik Åkerberg, Robin Westerström, Jane Altiparmakov. Sound: Agnieszka Lewalski. Editing by Mikael Oretoft. Music by Sinnelag.

Young Swedish woman Alice travels with her abusive American boyfriend in the Balkans. As their relationship goes from bad to worse, Alice drifts more and more into an emotional void, which leads to violent repercussions. Lost in a strange land among bizarre characters she’s forced to confront aspects of herself she’s utterly afraid of. As abuse and humiliations increase she no longer has a choice. Who will be the next victim? Alice herself or all of those who have ruthlessly exploited her?

Starring: Linn Sparrenborg, Robin Hayes, Robert Bolin, Thomas Gjutarenäfve, Katarzyna Jaskiewicz, Johan Hamrin, Stojan Nikolic, Vera Nikolic, Tea Shaldeva and Roy Sutherwood.


My Silent Lips from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.


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