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The Mystery of Life – An Art Apart: Gustaf Broms

Sweden, 2016, 58 mins. Camera & sound by Mikael Prey & Carl Abrahamsson. Editing and sound mix by Andrew M McKenzie.  Music by Gustaf Broms. Written, narrated, produced and directed by Carl Abrahamsson.

Swedish artist Gustaf Broms has, since the early 1990s, developed a symbolic language in order to help him understand his own being. On an adventurous journey stretching over photography, filmmaking, sculpting, collaging, music making and on to performance art, his artworks and the process become pieces of a puzzle that constitute not only the human being called Gustaf Broms but also human life itself in general. The grand scale of Broms’ ambitions signals a willingness to share his highly experimental attitude and its findings with other people. Thus his persona as an artist grows into something more ambitious, yet at the same time more undefined. The multifaceted expressions of his work seem to contain the very same theme, the very same question: where exactly lies “self” in the human being? Who exactly are we and which tools do we need to find out?

The Mystery of Life – An Art Apart: Gustaf Broms (trailer) from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.


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