Wadling docu at Leather Nun concert


Ingenting är sant, allting är möjligt will be screened at Södra Teatern in Stockholm as a support act for the much anticipated comeback of Swedish cult band The Leather Nun on May 9th. The film’s subject, Swedish artist Freddie Wadling, was once a member of the band. We wish to extend our thanks to Jonas Almquist of The Leather Nun, United Stage and Södra Teatern for this wonderful opportunity to screen the film at Stockholm’s most beautiful venue!

Giving a Baby a Chainsaw trailer

We just finished the trailer for the upcoming documentary about The Hafler Trio & Andrew McKenzie. The film premieres at Fylkingen in Stockholm on April 17th, 2015. For more information about the screening, please go here!

Giving a Baby a Chainsaw – The Hafler Trio: An Art Apart (trailer) from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.

Andrew McKenzie is a highly renowned British artist frequently associated with sound art and experimental music. With great perseverance and integrity, McKenzie has, since the late 1970s, produced a large body of work, predominantly in performances, records and writings under the name The Hafler Trio. Recently, he has developed a concept called complementary education, also known as “complemation”, which is presented in workshops where the participants work together in making a piece of music based on the previous workshops’ finished piece. In a way, this could be seen as a potentially endless work of art that doesn’t only touch upon the dynamics of sound and music in themselves, but to an equal degree the very process of creation and self development. This perspective of regarding creation as a learning process has become one of McKenzie’s trademarks. www.trapartfilm.com

Wadling film to debut at Tempo Stockholm


Trapart Film’s short music documentary Ingenting är sant, allting är möjligt (“Nothing is true, everything is possible”) about Swedish singer Freddie Wadling will make its debut at the Stockholm based documentary festival Tempo in early March.

Festival link!

Carl Abrahamsson och Freddie Wadling lärde känna varandra på 80-­talet. De förenades av intresset för skräpkultur, ockultism, musik och framförallt film. Deras samtal och tre klassiska Blue For Two-­låtar blev till filmen Love begins to write a book. 26 år senare återskapar Abrahamsson och Wadling det hela, med samma frågor och samma låtar. Resultatet? En fascinerande tidsresa i ett konstnärskap och en evigt sprakande närvaro i svenskt kulturliv.