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Lunacy on Kickstarter

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My film Sub Umbra Alarum Luna (2016) was dedicated to Derek Jarman’s influential work, specifically In the Shadow of the Sun (1975, with music by Throbbing Gristle 1980). The film has been screened in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, New York, Porto and other places, and is available on DVD and Vimeo On Demand.

My new project, LUNACY, will be the “follow-up” film to Sub Umbra, and is based around recorded cut-up texts about the moon by Vanessa Sinclair, with music by me. The film will be a miasmic, mind-expanding trip into the psycho-lunar orbit. Mixing new material with older super 8 footage and a truly cosmic soundtrack, I will aim to see what’s on the dark side of the moon – and hopefully come back. Please join me for a wild yet mellow space ride.

There are of course goodies and rewards for supporting the film. You can read more about that on the Kickstarter page. Thank you very much for backing this exciting project (right HERE)!

Wadling docu available on Vimeo On Demand


Carl Abrahamsson’s documentary about the Swedish singer Freddie Wadling, Ingenting är sant, allting är möjligt, is now available on Vimeo On Demand. For more info on this film, please go to its own page on this site.

Ingenting är sant, allting är möjligt – En liten film om Freddie Wadling from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.



Trapart  Film launches a new project via Kickstarter.

“Derek Jarman’s super-8 film IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (1975, with music by Throbbing Gristle 1980) blew my mind when I first saw it. It has been one of the most influential films ever for me. During 2014 and 2015 I have shot and accumulated new super-8 material and am about to make a tribute to this peculiar cinematic gem. My film will be called SUB UMBRA ALARUM LUNA (“In the Shadow of the Moon”) and will contain new music by Swedish experimentalists Cotton Ferox. The goal is to make something as influential and poetic as Jarman’s film. That will be hard of course but I never give up! The money needed is for super-8 transfers, editing time and general post production costs. Almost all of the material already exists, so it’s a matter of assembling it in the best possible way. In the end, it should be approximately 40 mins, and a feast for eye and mind alike. Please help make it happen! Many thanks!” (Carl Abrahamsson)

Here’s a link to the project at Kickstarter!

Here’s a small teaser of the work in progress:

SUB UMBRA ALARUM LUNA (WORK IN PROGRESS) from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.


New docu about Silent Lips

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Trapart Film has produced a documentary about Carl Abrahamsson’s debut movie Silent Lips. It’s called Candelabra of Innocence and contains clips from the film, interviews with Abrahamsson and some of the actors, plus insightful narration by English actor Charles Greye. The film can be seen on Vimeo for free. Inquiries about Silent Lips (screenings, festivals, distribution etc) can be sent to carl AT trapartfilm.com

Candelabra of Innocence from Carl Abrahamsson on Vimeo.